FGAsia offers integrated planning services on 3 basic levels. In all plans, the client remains closely involved in step by step decision-making…the plan serves as a summary of decisions made together throughout the planning process

  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Promotional Plan
  • As-needed Consulting
  • Marketing Research

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Plan – This includes research, strategy and analysis to compile an entire business plan for a new or existing business, or even a new division or product line of an existing business. The plan not only defines the strategic marketing plan (including all components of point #2), but also defines what internal changes will have to be made to support this growth – such as new skills, people, technology, and operational work flow. With the client’s involvement, we can also estimate future revenue / profit forecasts through detailed spreadsheet analyses.

  • Strategic Marketing Planning

Strategic Marketing Plan – A strategic marketing plan first sets about determining a long term vision for the company based on its existing strengths and market opportunities

This generally includes conducting various kinds of internal and external research. It then sets out the message to be conveyed, and carefully prioritizes targets. It addresses pricing options and how to achieve a greater value perception to the customer and/or greater profitability for the client. Further, it defines numerous ways to reach the target markets, including paid advertising, promotions, and selling processes

Finally, it includes a complete marketing budget, with careful revenue forecasts

Promotional Planning

Promotional Plan – For the company who has its targets and pricing well defined, we work to create a clear creative message and an innovative marketing activities plan. This helps to synchronize the message and company image, and plan annual expenditures.

Business Consulting

As-needed Consulting: For businesses who just want an expert off whom to bounce their ideas, we can also offer an as-needed advisory session. For a cost of about $300 – $500 per session, we can assist businesses on an as-needed basis, with no further commitment on their part.

Marketing Research

Why gather research? Basically, to aid us in making business decisions which are not clear cut without the research. It is always necessary? No. Sometimes the client has sufficient current data for us to use without adding more research onto the pile. Other times, a company may be willing to dive in and try to sell something, rather than research if it is sellable. Research can be scientific, including hundreds of responses, or it can be a very informal process of gathering opinions from trusted sources.

START Marketing can provide many kinds of research, and we will only recommend those components necessary to support specific decisions:

  • Competitive research– To compare product information, pricing, company information (if publicly available).
  • Industry research– To identify new industry developments – looking at suppliers and distributors, and clients to see how new technologies will affect your product line.
  • Target market research– To find types of individuals / companies who most need your products and services – through focus groups, telephone surveys, e-mail surveys, mail surveys, or one-on-one interviews
  • Existing client research – Involves contacting your clients help identify (more objectively) your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Mystery Shopping– This is available for clients seeking internal reviews, or greater information on competitors.
  • Product Research– Involves testing the quality of a product or service offering on a group of customers before investing heavily in production.

Creative Research – Involves testing an advertising concept before executing the concept