Internet Marketing Services

FGAsia Marketing offers internet marketing services (also known as search engine optimization) for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In fact, our statistics show that about three-quarters of our incoming prospective clients have come to us through finding us on the Internet. If you would like to generate new leads for your business through improving your position in the major search engines, we are certain that we can assist you.

Our internet marketing service breaks down into 3 main areas:

  1. Initial “natural” web site optimization / submission to search engines.

    Your existing web site may or may not be “friendly” to the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN. Generally, sites with a lot of flash and imagery are more difficult for search engines to rank. In addition, the key words you use to describe your business may be somewhat different than the terms your potential customers are using to seek your business. With your approval, we make adjustments to the content of the site, the structure, and the page labels to ensure the web site itself is much easier for search engines to identify. The cost depends on the amount of work required, and the competitiveness of the search terms in which you are trying to rank. Typically, this initial fee ranges from $20000 – $60000.
  2. Natural optimization monthly maintenance.

    It takes time to build the “credibility” of a given web site from the search engine’s point of view. Newly optimized sites do take a few weeks to get good rankings, and over time, the search engines gradually will rank them higher. In our experience, we can generally get clients ranking well on their preferred search terms, especially within their geographic areas, within about 4 – 6 weeks. This means there is a strong likelihood of your getting top ten Google rankings in 1 – 2 months, although we cannot guarantee a specific time ranking position. Anyway, after the initial optimization (Point 1 above), keeping your rankings high costs approximately $5000 – $20000 per month, depending on your desired search terms, and the competitiveness of your industry. The more competitive sites there are trying to vie for the rankings you want, the more costly it will be to keep your rankings high. (Our site, for example though, has been in the top ten of Google for over a year, for search terms such as “marketing consultants in Calgary” however, to give you an idea.)

Paid Online Advertising.

If you want the top position, and you want it NOW, you can pay to have it. That’s what both the right-side, and blue-shaded top area of Google are: advertising which is directly connected to the search terms you used. These fees are generally paid by your setting a budget, say $2000 – $10000 per month, for specific search terms. You will pay according to the budget, which is tied to the number of times people actually click on your paid link.

Note: There are many other kinds of online advertising. You can buy banner or skyscraper ads on other sites, you can link to other “hub” sites with lots of traffic, you can sponsor sites, you can collect and use email addresses, and much more. If you choose to contract us to do a marketing plan with you, we will certainly consider all possible ways of marketing your business online and offline, for maximum effectiveness

Ongoing Follow-Through and Tracking

FGAsia believes in creating plans which are living, breathing testaments of a company’s goals and strategies, and activities and in updating those plans to ensure they remain relevant at all times. We also provide tracking and reporting methods to determine the effectiveness of both advertising and direct selling efforts.

To do this, FGAsia, with the consent of the client, will build regular monthly follow-up sessions into the budget for the marketing plan itself. This helps us to continually monitor the effectiveness of all marketing, optimize the plan for changing conditions, and ensure the plan is properly and fully implemented