FGAsia Marketing offers creative and promotion services along with sales development services.

  • Creative and Promotional Services
  • Sales Development Services

Creative and Promotional Services

  • Advertisement Development– FGAsia develops and designs creative and effective ads for print or outdoor use.
  • Graphic, Logo, and Stationery Design– Involves developing new corporate or product logos , business cards, and letterhead. Other items such as CD labels, fax cover sheets, and invoice formats can also be created by us or by the client with our assistance.
  • Company Name or Brand Name Development– Involves developing a memorable, unique name consistent with the personality of the product or company. This may or may not include formal research to test the name’s effectiveness before final selection.
  • Brochure Creation– FGAsia Marketing creates interesting and compelling brochures for companies or specific products.
  • Commercial Photography Services– This can involve product photography, architectural, or portraits. We select and supervise the photography to match the message you need to convey.
  • Web Site Development– This generally involves:
    • Web Site Planning and Content Development– writing or editing the text to be used within the site, including a structure for all of the content.
    • Web Site Design and Programming– Using top-quality designers and programmers, FGAsia Marketing provides both technically sophisticated and graphically appealing sites.
    • Domain name and site hosting– Should hosting and domain name registrations of new sites be required, we can assist the client in selecting and securing these.
  • Internet marketing
    • E-mail Newsletter Development– Creating an e-mail newsletter is often a less expensive way to continually reach your target customers…we can help you develop the content and design so that you can easily update and send out your own newsletters by e-mail.
    • Website Optimization and Promotion– This involves selecting key phrases and improving search engine performance for those phrases. (Under page)
  • Event Planning– FGAsia can help you plan events such as open houses, golf tournaments or large corporate galas.
  • Public Relations– FGAsia Marketing can create concise media kits, news releases, pitch information to specific media contacts, plan events to attract media interest.

Sales Development Services

  • Proposal Development– FGAsia can fully develop a clean, precise proposal format for you to use when bidding for new clients. A format cuts down your proposal development time dramatically, improves your impression to potential clients, and helps you to better explain your the value you are offering.
  • Sales Recruiting– Involves sourcing and interviewing sales people appropriate to your business needs. FGAsia will work with you to prepare a job description and job advertisement, select appropriate places to advertise, develop interview questions, screen resumes, hold initial interviews, and second interviews.
  • Sales Training– FGAsia offers sales training to new or experienced sales people, tailored to your specific business and target markets. We believe in teaching the sales person to do their homework on the client before making an approach, and plan appropriate questions to advance the sale from cold call to follow-up after the sale.Sales training areas covered:
    • Target markets– Determine ideal client targets, the person within the target organization who needs to be reached, and what that person will care about most.
    • Lead Generation– How and where to research new leads, and prepare for “cold calls”
    • Telephone introduction– How to effectively introduce your company, and practice this individually (role-playing) and with real potential customers.
    • Sales Process– We will define a process for taking the sale from prospect to client. i.e. when to use letters, phone calls, brochures, proposals, meetings etc., for your business.
    • Personal Image– The salesperson will learn how to present him/herself (physically – image, dress) and describe the employers’ services/products to others effectively.
    • Handling objections– We will discuss the specific objections normally faced in your business, and how to overcome these.
    • Client record-keeping– The salesperson will learn how to track all interactions with clients conveniently and easily to avoid “dropping the ball.”
    • Client meetings– We will teach the sales person how to prepare for and conduct effective client meetings; we will draft a question list / agenda to bring to client meetings.
    • Proposals– The salesperson will learn what they are used for, what to include, and how to present them.
    • Expectations & goal setting – he salespeople and their managers will learn what kind of beginning sales patterns should be expected, how many calls and appointments they should be making, and how to monitor their progress. Tailored sales reports can also be provided.
  • Direct Marketing– FGAsia Marketing can help you set up and program databases, buy target customer lists, and implement campaigns.
  • Introductory Letter Creation– FGAsia can write effective and personal introductory letters or letter formats for your potential clients.
  • Trade Show Exhibition– We can help you plan, design and produce a complete trade show booth, including creative ideas for generating leads, and following-up.
  • Compensation Package Design– FGAsia Marketing can provide and customize compensation schemes for salespeople to ensure they generate business continually, instead of relying on a few large clients. Such plans are carefully formulated to account for the goals of management, and provide ongoing motivation to the sales team.
  • Sales Management– FGAsia can provide sales report formats and coach the sales team to set and meet ongoing targets.

Business Etiquette and Dress for Success Seminar – FGAsia offers a fun, interactive seminar on business etiquette (such as business lunch etiquette, handling irate customers, and good office manners, etc.), and modern business attire for formal or casual business settings. The content can also be tailored toward areas in which you or your sales team need more assistance